Agua de Chia

Agua de Chia

Over the last few years I have seen an increase in the consumption of Chia Seeds. Often you will find these small, dark, sesame-looking-seeds, in health food recipes to add nutrients and protein.  Personally, I love to add them to smoothies and turn them into delicious pudding.  But did you know that Chia seeds are native to Mexico?

The Chia name originates from the Náhuatl word Chian, meaning oily.  This seed, comes from the flowers of a plant in the mint family. There are sources that claim that it can be traced as far back as the Aztecs.  Other stories share that during pre-Hispanic times villages would drink a water with chia seeds before going on long trips to gain strength and health. Today, they are consumed in many different forms during special religious holidays such as Lint, Dia de Los Muertos, and other Catholic Saint celebrations.

It is most common that you will find this seed being used in a drink called Agua de Chia. Therefore, I am sharing this delicous drink with you today. This is a good way to incorporate Chia seeds into your water with minimal effort. Plus, they are fun to drink, I like to think of them as the Mexican version of Tapioca Balls (boba).

agua de chia


Yields approximately 4 cups


2 teaspoons Chia seeds
1 large lime (or lemon if you prefer)
4 cups of water
2 tablespoons of raw sugar (adjust to taste)

- In a jar incorporate all of the ingredients.
- Mix well to dissolve the raw sugar.
- Allow the chia seeds to rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour. When they are ready they will plump up and your drink will become a bit thicker.

That’s it!

Fell free to add Chia seeds to all of your favorite drinks! An easy way to add some protein, omega 3′s, and other nutrients into your diet.

agua de chia



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