Now, this website could not continue without a word on beans. Nor could I claim my Mexican citizenship without teaching the art of cooking beans. So simple this dish is, yet it’s one of the major staples of Mexican cuisine.

Join me in learning how to cook beans at home from scratch; leave your cans at the register.

Yields: approximately 2 cups of beans.

1 cup of dried Mayocoba (a.k.a Peruano) beans
5 cups of water
3/4 tablespoon of salt

Mayocoba Beans

Disclaimer: these beans cook fast and really don’t require you struggling to soak for a whole night. Also, although in the United States you often find Pinto or Black beans on the menu of Mexican food restaurants, please not that in different parts of Mexico we eat different beans.  I grew up eating mainly mayocoba, sometimes rosa de castilla, rarely pinto, and almost never black beans.  You are free to use any kind that you prefer but my recipe will show you what I grew up with and believe to be extremely tasty.

- Wash beans thoroughly
- Add beans to a pot with water on high heat and bring to a boil.
- Lower the heat to lowest setting and add salt.
- Cover pot. Beans should be ready in about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Once cooked, here are some ideas on how to eat:
- Make a simple beans soup by adding fresh chopped onion, tomato, jalapeño, and cilantro on top. Eat with warm tortillas of your choice.
- Serve them as a side to any dish without the liquid.

Make Refried beans:
- Using about 3 tablespoons of corn oil for every cup of beans heat oil in a pan.
- Add about 1/4 cup of chopped (or sliced) onion and 1/4 of a jalapeño (sliced).
- Allow onion and jalapeño to sauté in the oil for about 2 minutes.
- Remove oil from heat and allow to cool down for about 1minute.
- Introduce beans into oil with about 1/3 cup of cooking liquid. Cook under low heat for about 10 minutes.
- Once cooked, mash beans if preferred. I grew up eating them not mashed but it’s all a matter of preference.

Refried Beans

Yay! Our beans are ready. Enjoy!


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