Corn Tortillas

corn tortillas adriana guillen

Growing up in Mexico everything my mom cooked was always from scratch. When we moved to the US, one of the most difficult things to make from scratch was corn tortillas. Yes, it was much easier to go to the grocery store and purchase a packet of them, but nothing has ever compared to all natural fresh tortillas.

The corn we used was from the crops in our family. We would physically remove the dried maize with our hands from the cob; boil it all night with lime; and wake up extremely early to get the corn grounded. There was a time when my mom would even ground her own corn in a metate.  Eventually, a family in a nearby village bought an electric grinder and people would line up with their cooked maize to get beautiful and smooth corn masa.

The closest thing I can find in the US to natural corn masa is: Masa Hariana. Masa harina is the dried version of cooked and ground maize with no additives or preservatives. It’s easy to use as since all you have to do is add water.  Today, I am showing you how to make these natural corn tortillas at home.  You can also watch a video description of this recipe in my videos.

Yields: approximately 10 medium corn tortillas

-1 cup masa harina
- 3/4 cup of water
- Salt is optional

corn tortillas adriana guillen

- Add water to the masa harina.
- Mix well for about 2 minutes.
- Make into small balls.
- Place in a tortilla maker and press.
- Remove, very carefully from press.
- Place in a hot comal or skillet.
- Cook on both sides for about 1 minute each.

So easy and healthy!

If you don’t want to invest in a tortilla maker you can just press them with something heavy by placing plastic in between so they don’t stick.

corn tortillas adriana guillen




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