Salsa Roja

salsa, chile, puya, topping

Yields: approximately 2 cups

salsa, chile, puya, topping


6 Tomatillos (12 if small)
7 Chiles Puya
1 Garlic
Salt to taste



- Remove husks from tomatillos and wash to get rid of sticky film.

- Boil about 1 quart of water and add tomatillos and dried chiles.

- Once tomatillos are cooked through (7-10mins) remove from heat. Chiles will be hydrated enough by this time also.

- Place all tomatillos and chiles in blender and add peeled garlic and blend until smooth or desired consistency.

- Add salt to taste

That’s it!!!

salsa, chile, puya, topping

You have just made a delicious salsa roja! You can eat it with chips, use it as a sauce to sauté with proteins, whatever you want!