Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde Ingredients

- Remove husks from tomatillos and wash to get rid of sticky film.
- Boil about 1 quart of water water and add tomatillos and jalpeños.
- Once tomatillos and jalapeños are cooked through (7 to 10mins) remove from heat.
- Place all tomatillos and jalapeños in blender and blend until smooth or desired consistency.
- Add salt to taste

Another easy salsa!!

This salsa is great as a topping for food or you can sauté with a little bit of corn oil and add it to proteins. Perfect for pork carnitas.

Yields approximately: 2 cups

Boiled Tomatillos


6 tomatillos (medium to large)
3 Jalapeños
Salt to taste




To add some more dimension chop some:
- White onions
- Avocado
- Cilantro
- Mix it all in and now you have an amazing Chunky Salsa Verde.